So Black and Heavenly

Rick Harris
Rick Harris


So Black And Heavenly" with it's smooth, yet poignant melodic jazzy essence, coupled with the most amazing background vocals; this one produces an almost mesmerizing and captivating wave of vocals that can be compared to the Ray Charles hit "Georgia On My Mind". The song is laced with a bold french horn and a subtle classic drumroll that will put the listener in a night club mood, but also engage them in a modern social issue that current events have dictated regarding civil-rights and police brutality.


So Black And Heavenly


©Ricky Harris


Hell no,

Man, this ghetto…


So black and heavenly…


My hands up high, so please don’t shoot (don’t shoot)

My babies waiting on me

To see them through

So what’s it all for, what’s it all about

It’s being so black and heavenly

Sometimes I feel, so black and blue

In the land of the free, that’s for you and I

Somehow I found myself

So ghetto bound

For being so black and heavenly

Perhaps we could use a touch, of sweet love you see

On sharing God’s earth

So brotherly

See man I’m so tired for seeing those babies cry

For being so black and heavenly


So black and heavenly…


I can still feel the tears of my father’s eyes

The day he stood by, and watched my mother cry

For little did she know 

What it was all for

For being so black and heavenly

Man I read the book, the good book of life

So careful what you do

For it come back twice

You try to tell me reasons why, that I should love who I am

For being so black and heavenly

Though all your hate and strife

Leaving me in despair

Shoot me down today, and read like yesterday’s news

What could I have done 

To make you unload your gun

For being so black and heavenly

See my trial begun (my trial begun)

The day that I was born

As I ran from mother’s arms, as I kissed the sun

Feeling thoughts of joy

Just like a little boy

Being so black and heavenly (Lord, Lord, have mercy)


So black and heavenly (Ahh so sweet)

So black and heavenly…


Man, God don’t make mistakes 

And he don’t mince his words

See songbirds know just how to sing

And sunflowers know just when to turn

You are who you are, and I am who I am

Just being so black and heavenly