Rick Harris





Rick Harris

Co-written by Nephew b


Just the other day something quite strange came over me

I was searching through the pictures of my history

And I saw your baby face smiling back at me

So beautiful, so innocent

And so wonderful

Ebony, Ebony

Ebony, will you flow back to me


Time is like a stream that flows one way and goes to the fall

And you can’t stop it, it just heads straight for that waterfall

Where it plunges to the sea

Can you flow back to me

Oh my Ebony, my daughter

Can your forgiveness be

Ebony, Ebony

Ebony, flow back to me


Baby you got taken away

I thought of you each and every day

I never meant to stay away

Time is cruel but it heals the pain

Time to wash the pain away

It’s never too late to make a change

My heart has always cried out for you



You’re like the sun that shines in the day

Like a diamond on a ring

Like an angel I long to see

I think of you and it brightens my day

I hope in your life you get everything

I wish you peace and you find your way

I hope you get everything


Forgiveness can find a way

Forgiveness can ease the pain

Forgiveness can save the day


Rick Harris